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We Offer trainings for our customers and End users as per their demand and requirements, trainings are tailor made irrespective of number of attendees.

Trainings are offered on wide range of Fire Alarm company Products from basic to advance level, various standards like UL, EN54, VDS approved panels are included in the product range.

Trainings are organized and scheduled as per the booking demands. Majority of the trainings related to the systems, will be conducted practical with hands-on trainings on the relevant systems.

Trainings are offered for Semi-Skilled Technicians, skilled technicians, Engineers, Designers, Estimators, who are requiring basic skills and high level skills to perform their task and duties.

We also offer special trainings for Facilities management team to create awareness in order to create logs and maintain regular checks and inspections related to Fire Alarm Systems.

For any additional requirements related to trainings and special requests on specific product trainings, feel free to mail us for more information´┐Żs to

Fire & Gas Panels
  • Basics of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Basic Design and Understating of Fire Alarm Standards
  • Operation of Fire Alarm panels
  • Service & Maintenance of Fire panels
  • Basic Programing and editing of Customer text and downloading.
  • Advanced Level Programing for Cause & Effect Logics.
  • Basics of CCTV Systems
  • Basic Design and Understating of CCTV Standards
  • Operation of Key Boards and controls.
  • Basic Programing of VMS, setup of Storage.
  • Advanced Level Programing and interface setup.
Access Control System
  • Basics of Access control Systems
  • Basic Design and Understating of Access Control Systems and Interfaces.
  • Operation and generation of reports.
  • Basic Programing of scheduling & Rules.
  • Advanced Level Programing and interface setup.
Intruder Alarm System
  • Basics of Intruder Alarm systems
  • Design and selection of Detectors / Panel types as per the international security standards.
  • Hands-on training for Install, programing & Testing.
  • Advance level integration for remote monitoring and controlling.

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