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Vehicle Tracking Technology

Vehicle Monitoring and Control

The real-time vehicle monitoring and control solution enables real-time tracking to provide complete visibility of vehicles. With the comprehensive information on the location, status and use of the vehicle, action can be taken to save time and money and to plan business better.

The software and hardware solution enables the monitoring and analysing almost all the parameters of the vehicle?s operation with the aim to increase productivity.

How does it work?
  • GPS tracking equipment and accessories/sensors are installed in the vehicle.
  • A web account is configured and prepared for accepting data from the GPS tracking equipment.
  • The data collected by the GPS tracking equipment is sent to your web account, processed and presented for analysis.

Fuel Monitoring

The fuel monitoring solution is designed for the monitoring and optimisation of fuel costs. GPS tracking equipment show the fuel level in the tank and the actual fuel consumption. This information can be viewed upon connection to the vehicle computer (CAN bus) or using the fuel level sensor.

The vehicle monitoring and control system generates detailed reports which will enable the monitoring of efficient use of fuel: the reports will identify the drivers that waste fuel by their driving style and which vehicles are inefficient.

The fuel monitoring solution shows when the vehicle was filled with fuel and allows detecting fuel thefts. In case of fuel theft from the tank the tracking system will give a warning via email or by SMS.

Digital fuel sensors measure fuel throughout the height of the tank, which helps to avoid blind areas and the measuring bias is only 3-4%. The solution is also suitable for very large fuel tanks.

  • Assessing efficiency of vehicles
  • Mapping out routes that require lowest fuel consumption
  • Rating of drivers according to fuel efficiency
  • Protection against thefts

Safety Solutions

Safety of the driver, the vehicle and the cargo is of vital importance. The value of the vehicle and the cargo can be very high, therefore, additional means of protection are indispensable.

Vehicle safety solutions include the GPS tracking device, vehicle tracking system, and accessories/sensors depending on the preferred level of protection.

Unforeseen events and faults:

Monitoring of vehicle location and mechanisms, upon detecting an unforeseen deviation from the route or an error displayed by the on-board computer, the driver can be contacted to clarify the situation.

Driver identification:

In order to ensure vehicle safety and good technical condition, it is important to know who and when was driving it and who was in charge of it. Driver identification is realised by means of special driver identification keys or cards.

Emergency management:

In an emergency the driver may quickly send an alarm to the traffic control centre and the manager by pushing a button. In addition, in such situations it is possible to full block the vehicle?s engine remotely and to track the vehicle using the system.

Semi-Trailer and Refrigerated Vehicle Solutions

The transport management solutions can also be applied to trailers and semi-trailers including refrigerated semi-trailers. GPS tracking equipment is installed in trailers and, monitoring of the main vehicle and trailer parameters is possible.

Using the GPS tracking equipment designed specifically for semi-trailers including refrigerated semi-trailers, enables the monitoring also the status of Thermo King, Opti temp and Carrier refrigerators.

The solution is very well suited for protecting cargos, in particular when fast-spoiling goods are transported. Warnings about opening of the trailer door and changes in the trailer?s inner temperature will enable the driver to take action in due time and to protect the cargo.

Main functions:
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Trailer door opening monitoring
  • Trailer positioning
  • Monitoring the status of refrigerators

Major Pros And Cons of Using Vehicle Tracking Systems And Solutions

The monitoring of vehicles used by a business can present a number of advantages for people responsible for looking after these assets of a business. Since many of the vehicles owned by a business are often of high value, their use and maintenance needs to be optimized for the business the get the most out of their availability.


One of the major benefits of using vehicle-tracking services is being constantly aware of the location of the employees, and of the way they are using their vehicles. This can be used to make sure employees are taking safe routes, staying on the job, and not using their vehicles for purposes other than work.

Vehicle tracking services can also enable business managers and owners to make sure the driving staff is acting responsibly, and prioritizing safety. This can allow them to take drivers who speed and ignore traffic regulations to task for this behavior.


While the advantages of this technology are many, there are also cons. Some small issues may make the managing staff think of shortfalls as major, and unnecessarily punish staff. Additionally, managers may also come to rely on the technology more than required, therefore making the collected data a source of obsession.

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