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Time Lapse Construction Site Camera

Time lapse construction cameras, also referred to as high-end construction cameras, are highly advanced pieces of equipment that make the monitoring and documentation of construction projects, tracking environmental and landscape based changes, in addition to a number of useful outdoor photography and videography tasks simpler.

One of the most notable advantages of the system is impressive performance in a number of otherwise unfavorable and harsh conditions. This includes delivering high-end video and picture at time of the day that light is scarce, and compensating for bad lighting when need be.

Most of these devices are also packed with industrial grade aluminum frames and pods, which make them fit for use at even the most taxing construction sites.

Many time lapse construction cameras come with an advanced video recording technology called high dynamic range (HDR), which renders the ability to transform bad and insufficient lighting to bright and backlit footage.

The construction camera unit can last for durations as high as ten weeks, depending on the capacity of the batteries. With recording taking place 8 hours a day, it delivers a complete monitoring solution for sites.

A complete construction camera system that frees you to focus on what's important.

OxBlue construction cameras fixed-position and PTZ combine flexibility, functionality, and reliability into one simple solution. Freeing you to focus on what it takes to make each project a success.

See the detail you need on every image.

Options ranging from 6 to 24 MP ensure high-resolution images with every camera, giving you and your team the power to zoom in to see � and understand � the details of your project. And a wide-angle lens, with a 78� field of view, is standard on all our construction cameras to capture more of your jobsite.

The Time Lapse System captures images that can be accessed over the 3G network. These images are used to create Time Lapse movies that can show something developing that would usually take days, weeks, months or years to complete (like construction of a building) in just seconds.

The Time Lapse Camera Unit integrates with a high resolution SLR to capture high quality photos. It then uploads those photos directly to our servers to integrate with webpages, desktops and smart phones, as well as custom applications.

It can also be integrated with movement, light and virtually any other sensors to enable smart image and photo capturing from external events such as vehicles passing, wildlife movement and lightning strikes.

As the System hosts a very high resolution digital SLR and a versatile ultra wide zoom lens, enormous control can be achieved to capture the perfect photo.

Its flexible design makes customation a relatively simple solution, and can be designed to operate rotational and movement mounts.

Our experience has shown that successful construction camera implementation depends on many factors including the hardware, services, execution and deliverables.

To ensure you get everything you need and expect, we've prepared the following construction specifications for both fixed position and PTZ cameras. These specifications include:

  • Document ownership and warranties
  • Hardware technical specifications
  • Data connectivity and power
  • Desktop and mobile software
  • Hosting and website integration
  • Data security
  • Solar power (optional)
  • Installation
  • Time-lapse movies and professionally edited productions

Remote site monitoring

Monitor your projects from anywhere, anytime. Viewing high resolution images every 15 minutes from site via your secure on-line portal will help you:

  • Minimize operational and travel costs
  • Resolve invoicing disputes
  • Report on OH&S compliance
  • Collaborate with consultants, contractors and staff

Throughout the project we supply you with time-lapse video updates and high resolution digital images. These will assist you with:

  • Communicating to stakeholders
  • Project reporting
  • Identify milestone payments
  • Maintaining a project overview so everyone is on the same page

Your final video is 'packaged' with motion graphics, music, branding and options such as aerials and other video content. This gives you the ultimate project record to:

  • Showcase your achievements
  • Support future tenders
  • View at awards nights
  • Increase the knowledge, quality and Productivity of your workforce

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