Security Cameras Storage

Different types of security and surveillance concerns have contributed to the demand for rich features, easy usage, and simple operation video recorder systems. As more and more organizations seek to monitor their premises and operations, the demand for video recording services and products also increases.

Global Alarms offers a full range of video recording hardware and components, all designed to meet modern security challenges in the workplace and domestic environments, delivering impressive functionality, capacity, and operation.

Depending on individual needs, current scale of operations, and administration capacity, a number of payment modes can be chosen, including a fixed package, or paying for higher capacity as your company or workplace continues to grow.

The system gives you numerous impressive features, including stable and high bandwidth in scenarios where you need high performance video streaming, the ability to get the most out of your investment in the surveillance hardware and networks with better security and massive storage, and excellent performance from and to the NVR setup for great camera support.

Rasilient Pixelstor Storage

Rasilient's video class PS5000 storage and PS300e expansion unit excel in high-demand video surveillance installations, giving you an incredible eight times the performance of standard IT storage systems.

Eliminate Video Frame Loss

VAN® and FlowThrough® patented technologiesprovide advanced caching and increased write performance to keep pace with the highest performance megapixel cameras and heaviest camera loads.

Faster Safer Rebuilds

RAID rebuilds are performed across all drives in parallel for increased speed and are paced by incoming video data to ensure your storage video always has top priority.

Long-Term Performance

StreamAlign® technology significantly reduces disk fragmentation to ensure your system's performance will not degrade over time.

Plig-and-Play Installations

Pre-configured systems mean you get your job up and running in record time—once racked, 15 minutes or less—without having to call in an IT expert.

Better Syatem Visibility

The patented BusyPlot®, suite of tools diagnose storage challenges, give you ongoing, long-term and valuable visibility into your system's conditions to help you find and fix issues quickly before video is lost.

High Performance Drives Built for Video

Get unmatched reliability and performance with video class hard drives designed for the intense demands of surveillance.

Intelligent Power Management to Reduce Costs

Smart energy management reduces power consumption by up to 30% while maintaining highest levels of performance.

Automatic Drive Repair

Self-healing capabilities automatically repair failed drives without intervention by the administrator, reducing drive failure rate up to 70%, significantly reducing OPEX and helping eliminate the risk of losing critical video.

Consolida Storage

Get significantly lower purchase, CAPEX and OPEX costs through storage consolidation for NVR/DVRs.

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