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Green Outstation Refuge System
Stainless Steel Outstation Refuge System

Cranford Control’s refuge system has been designed and certified to meet the requirements of Part “M” of Building Regulations. The regulations state that all non-domestic buildings, which are higher than one storey with a lift, should provide ‘refuge’ or safe areas for people who are unable to use the stairs during a site evacuation.

The Cranford Control’s Refuge system offers a cost effective communication solution between the central control station and designated safe areas or “refuges”, where people who are unable to use fire escapes or evacuation lifts, can call for help and wait for assistance.

Effective two-way communications between these areas is essential and the disabled Refuge range, using a full duplex audio channel, can aid rescue teams in determining where help and reassurance is required.

Modular in design, the component parts of the Refuge system can be configured to suit any application, with installation cabling options of radial or loop wiring.

All Cranford Control’s Refuge systems comply with BS9999 & BS5839 Pt9. 2010.

Green Outstation Product Data Sheet
Stainless Steel Outstation Product Data Sheet
2 Way Master Panel

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