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Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in any building, because they alert people inside that there is a fire.

The purpose of the detection alarm is to raise awareness before the fire can spread to vast areas and harm people.

Therefore it is necessary for there to be fire alarms in any building that is in your use, whether it is a workplace, industrial site, or residential property.

Without high quality detection in your building, alarms will not be able to alert people that they need to exit the building immediately

As one of the best fire alarm system distributors in the region, we provide all kinds of rigorously tested fire detection systems, while also being experts in matters of maintenance and installation.

Types of Alarm Devices We Supply

Global alarms provides a wide range of fire detection and prevention equipment, all of which uses the latest technology, and is capable of being installed in any modern inhabited place, with the right kind of adjustments.

Network Fire Detection & Alarm: This system comes with choices of network fire alarm control panels, which can be used to meet different kinds of uses by fire alarm system maintenance companies.

Addressable Fire Alarm: These are highly advanced and latest technology fire alarm control panels, which can be expanded for a number of applications in a variety of settings.

Conventional Fire Alarm: Our conventional fire alarm systems come with choices of panels that suit small and residential buildings, medium sized locations, and multiple zone settings.

Releasing & Special Hazard Systems: These releasing systems and suppression control systems can be used along with sprinklers, agent release systems, and deluge sprinklers.

Remote Annunciators: These come with a number of panels in the remote and multiplex annunciators category for versatile use by fire alarm system service companies.

Addressable Devices & Detectors: We provide our clients a large range of addressable heat and smoke detectors, along with pull stations to pair with network fire alarm systems.

Conventional Devices: Conventional heat and smoke detectors, and pull stations can be used with conventional fire alarm systems for fire prevention.

Voice Evacuation Systems: These evacuation systems use audio to allow a central location to communicate with several other rooms and warn about emergency situations.

Notification Appliances: Notification appliances use a combination of strobes, bells, and horns to warn about danger from fire through sound.

Power Supplies & Accessories: Power supply modules and accessories have the ability to support the energy requirements of any modern fire alarm systems and panels.

Award Winning Graphics Software: All of these pieces of advanced equipment need the latest powerful software annunciation to function at the required amount of efficiency.

Process of Alarm System Maintenance


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