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Fire Alarm Devices Range

Fire alarm peripherals and accessories by Global Alarms are designed to give you the edge in terms of the latest and most advanced technology.

Our equipment and fire alarm system products are designed to last a long time and boost the fire protection and safety profile of your home, office, or industrial areas.

Our systems and components have been manufactured with a complete peace of mind for the customer. Improved and easier maintenance work and cost, simple and quick installation, and more advanced safety features, all play an important role in positioning Global Alarms as a leader in the fire protection segment.

A full range of fire protection devices offered are meant to be used along with high-end mainstream fire detectors and control panels.

Some of these include power units with additional safety measures and improved control of voltage, and batteries that are sealed to prevent leakage, and easily recharged.


A wide range of Intelligent Ancillary devices for use in conjunction with its range of intelligent and conventional detectors and control panels. A versatile and functional range offering a huge choice for any application.

  • Power Supplies
  • Electro Magnetic Door Holders
  • Document Cabinets
  • Test Equipment
  • Sealed Rechargeable Lead Acid Batteries

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