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Control Panel Solutions

Control panels are usually wall-mounted devices that are used to control a number of predominantly electronic components with ease and simplicity.

High quality control panels deliver a number of advantages.

Apart from being easy to use and highly durable, they also give customers the ability to significantly bring down energy expenditures, turn devices or appliances off when they are not in use, make sure young children do not have access to the controls, and influence the amount of power the devices can used when they are activated, or receiving power.

Control panels can be used in a wide variety of locations and purposes. In the home, they are used alongside household ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), to control the temperature of the house, and the functionality of the ducts.

For home, commercial, and security purposes, they are used in fire alarm and smoke control systems. In high-end system installations, they can be used to directly control the operation of the ducts by choosing a certain safety mode.

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