Alarm Control Panels

While CCTV camera installation and setups are a great way to boost security and record video feed for later use and investigation purposes, the system needs a full-time security staff to administer it, and react accordingly.

In situations like these, especially in domestic and sensitive locations such as bank vaults, intruder alarms provide a more effective way for our customers to subscribe to a high performance and security mechanism.

One of the types of alarm control panels is aimed at protection from burglars and intruders. This device is a wall-mounted product, from where the wiring and detection functionality of the alarm system is managed.

The alarm system can make use of a number of sensory devices based on the specific needs of the location, including motion detectors, sirens, door shutoffs, and smoke detectors.

Intruder alarm control panels have different settings for when they are set to active and inactive mode. In the default mode, the circuit is closed and the device is not placed on alarm setting.

  • The K Series are security control panels for building protection conform to CEI EN 50131-3:2009, CEI EN 50131-6:2008 Grade: 2.
  • The control panel is equipped of 4/8 zones, expandable to 16/64, even without zones expansions. It is possible to obtain more zones by double and triple EOL split line. In case the split zones is not allowed, it is possible to use zones expansion.
  • K series are able to notify one or more situations of ALARM, ROBBERY, TAMPERING and TROUBLE with different carriers:
  • GSM and GPRS module optional
  • IP module optional
  • The programming can be via local keypad or a PC with specific software.

  • The X Series are the new control panels based on easy of use and easy of programming. For this reason, X412, X824, X864 are extremely intuitive and easy for daily management by the user and the installer. The X Series are fully manageable by Smartphone App dedicated (with the optional IP board).
  • X Series use software that helps the technician during the various configuration steps.
  • They have a TEST menu that allows to check the functioning of the all system (zones, outputs, voice call, SMS, contact ID, siren etc). Are provided of programmable audio support, and integrated wireless system.
  • Conform to CEI EN 50131-3:2009 and CEI EN 50131-6:2008 Grade: 2

  • The Cgsm/Plus Series is a new generation of remote programming control panels expandable between 8 and 64 zones partitionable up to 8 independent areas, with the possibility of using wireless zones.
  • GSM telephone line for voice calls, text messages and digital protocols. Up to 8 traditional keypads, capacitive or with integrated audio support.
  • Up to 8 proximity reader with programming and reports completely independent.
  • 5 / 8 / 17 outputs fully configurable for any function, system clocks and timers extremely precise thanks to the presence of an RTC (real time clock) with integrated BACK UP device.
  • Fully configurable user levels according to the needs of system security, driven arming system, disarming and management of the system to help the end-user in routine operations. Easy programming from keypad and PC software.

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